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Mahjong Connect Halloween


Play Mahjong Connect Halloween

Have a memorable Halloween with Mahjong Connect Halloween, where you will connect the scary mahjong pieces with each other and clear the board.

Mahjong Connect Halloween requires even more concentration than Mystery Venue Hidden Object. In the game, there will be many different items gathered on a table. You need to connect 2 items of the same type and clear the board. The game has 12 game levels. Items also change dynamically through levels.

Come and unlock all the levels.

Features of Mahjong Connect Halloween

  • Connect items of the same type
  • Clear the board

How to play

  • You need to find pairs of similar items and match them. When the board is clear, you have passed the level. The line connecting 2 items must not be broken more than 3 times.
  • You won't be able to think for too long because time is limited. A time column is already set up for you. Time will be shortened through each level.
  • Sometimes, you find it too difficult to find the items. Use the hint in the bottom right corner of the screen. Every time you pass a level you will get a hint. The number of hints will be accumulated through the levels. Try to use the hints effectively.

How to control: Tap on similar items and connect them


This game has the theme of Halloween. The items have recreated the items commonly used for decoration at Halloween. Use familiar items such as the eye, the pumpkin, the witch's hat, and the zombie’s head. Besides, the game also has vivid sound effects that stimulate the user's brain. Mahjong Connect Halloween not only improves your concentration but also entertains you.

Anyone can play this game, you can also invite your friends to play and create your competition!