Pumpkin Rider Information

What will you do on Halloween night? Do you think riding a motorbike in the middle of such a special night is so interesting? If your answer is yes, come to the Pumpkin Rider game to experience this unique feeling!

What is Pumpkin Rider?

Pumpkin Rider is a thrilling riding game in which you take control of a motorcyclist and conduct a racing journey. Let's navigate your motorbike to overcome every challenging road and reach the end of the road in the game.

What you do in Pumpkin Rider

When entering this game, you will see the image of a motorcyclist with a pumpkin head on Halloween night. This motorcyclist owns a cool moto and he is going to race on a legendary road that no one can conquer it. This legendary road is not straight but rough, winding with deadly slopes. Therefore, your task is to assist him to conquer it by directing the cool motorbike through obstacles on the dramatic track. Don't let your car overturn because the pumpkin man can get injured and the game will be over. Are you ready to use your arrow keys to start this exciting journey? Besides this game, there are a lot of Halloween games that you might like. Mahjong Connect Halloween is one of the outstanding games among them.

Some notes for players to play Pumpkin Rider

  • The game offers a lot of dangerous difficulties to challenge players. However, it also provides a lot of great things such as gold coins. Collecting as many as possible because you can use them to unlock many great items.
  • Your score depends on the total amount of time you take to overcome each level challenge, so win as quickly as possible.
  • In order to complete the aim of the game, you need to have great skills in keeping the balance of the vehicle from tipping over. You should use both acceleration and deceleration, and also put force on the front or rear wheels.
  • The screen will display a route bar, letting you know where you are on the track, and how far away from the finish line. There are a total of 8 levels in the Pumpkin Rider game. Although the goal of the game throughout the levels is the same, each level will have its own difficulty.