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Parkour Race


Overview of the Parkour Race

Welcome to the Parkour Race game which simulates the extreme sport of parkour. In this game, you will jump from platform to platform and try to be the first to reach the finish line. If you have never played this parkour game, there is some interesting information for you to understand more about this game.

The race between players in Parkour Race

As I mentioned above, this game is designed as a parkour competition. There are 4 participants in the competition including you and three others. In specific, you will control your character as a stickman to conquer challenging racing tracks. Those tracks are broken and contain thousands of obstacles. If your stickman collides with these obstacles, the running speed of your character will be slower for a while. In particular, you will lose the game if your stickman falls down the air. Therefore you have to be careful when navigating your stickman to avoid running out of the tracks.

Besides difficulties, there are some supportive items for you to overcome the challenges. For example, a kite will assist you to fly throw broken tracks. Besides, there are so many gold coins along the way. You should collect as many as possible because they can help you revive when you accidentally fall down the air. Any stickman with a crown on his head represents the current leader runner. Are you ready to get the crown of the game? After you conquer all the tracks and other participants, you can participate in another professional running competition in Hurdles Heroes.

How to control

Players use their computer mouse to slide their stickman or simply use arrow keys to control.

Some interesting facts about this parkour game

  • Besides a lot of challenges and obstacles, the game also offers an increasing speed feature. Therefore, the game requires players to have great responsiveness and observation skills. If you are not good at them, don't worry about that. Let's play again and again to practice ourselves.
  • There are a lot of levels in the game. After a level or competition, you will take part in another with more opponents. Of course, the challenge is more and more.
  • In addition to running, you can perform special actions such as jumping when running into inclined boards or flying when collecting parachutes.
  • The coins you collect can be used to buy accessories in the skin shop to make your stickman look more attractive.