About Ninja Hands

Ninja Hands is a very popular hero game. In this game, your enemies are the bad guys who are holding the girls, your mission is to rescue them and defeat these bad guys.

Transform into a ninja in Ninja Hands

Ninja Hands is a first-person game, an interesting game that will entertain you every day, feel as realistic as possible with all the details in the game, and will also make players impressed with the moves of a ninja. Join the game Ninja Hands, you will play the role of a real ninja with great fighting ability. You can use samurai swords, shoot fireballs, throw shuriken, and much more. In this game, your task is to destroy all enemies in front of you with different attack moves. If you are really an avid fan of action games, you should definitely not ignore Devil Cry. Coming to this game, you will become a swordsman and fight, defeating all enemies as well as monsters.

How to control

  • QWER = launch spells
  • T or Y = special spell
  • Hold the left mouse button = to move direction
  • Left-click = use in-game buttons

Some outstanding features of Ninja Hands

The game includes many levels with different difficulties. In each level, you need to fight the enemies, crushing them with the unique skills of a ninja. In addition, you can also use a combination of moves together to destroy opponents and save the girls. You can only move to the next level when you have destroyed all the enemies in this territory. Although the difficulty of the game is increasing, it will make the game more interesting, as well as help you handle it more flexibly and skillfully. Besides, you can earn coins through play, and with those coins, you can unlock attractive glove skins in the game's store.