About Neon Biker

If you are looking for a driving game to pass the time in your spare time, Neon Biker is a perfect suggestion for you. In this game, you will control your motorbike on a challenging track.

Your mission in Neon Biker

Why is it called Neon Biker? The reason is that the track in this addictive game is a neon light race. This is also considered as special of it compared to other driving games. Your task in Neon Biker is to control your motorbike to move on this light track and reach the finish line as soon as possible. However, on the way, there are many difficulties waiting for you, do not race, dangerous, and there are many obstacles waiting to attack you. Therefore, you need to be very careful not to be defeated by these difficulties. In addition, you can also ride a moto in another exciting game, Moto X3M Winter. You will experience the icy track and overcome the obstacles to complete many levels.

How to control

Use the mouse or arrow keys to control.

Some attractive features of Neon Biker

This is a game that includes 2 modes, normal mode, and level mode. Neon Biker's level mode has up to 40 levels with different difficulties. Try to reach the finish line in the shortest time possible and get 3 stars. Your time and stars in each level will be displayed on the screen. In normal mode, you will control the car on an endless track, and try to get the highest score possible. In addition, on the track, there are also gems, collect them and accumulate to buy a variety of great motorcycles for the next race. Initially, your default bike is a simple scooter, but if you collect a lot of gems, you can own more special, more expensive superbikes.