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Mermaid Tail Rush


The gameplay of Mermaid Tail Rush

Mermaid Tail Rush is an amusing running game featuring colorful graphics. Increase the length of the tail by collecting the tails and evading the obstacles.

Collect the tails

A running race is taking place at the aquarium city. Many mermaids sign up to join this race. Transform into a beautiful mermaid and join this race now. You need to move to the left or right to gather as many tails as possible. Keep in mind that the more tails you can collect, the longer your tail is. You must try to lengthen your tail until you reach the finish line. At the finish line, there is a ruler. You need to measure the length of your tail after getting to the finish line. If your tail is more than 25 centimeters, you will win. Contrarily, you will lose if your tail is less than 25 centimeters. However, don't give up! Click the Try Again button to try it again.

Evade dangers on the track

The way to the finish line is truly treacherous as you need to encounter various hazards along the way. Here is the list of obstacles you need to dodge.

  • Guillotines: These guillotines are placed anywhere on the racetrack. The knives in the guillotines will move from up to down constantly.
  • Buzzsaws: There are many buzzsaws along the track. Some buzzsaws are set at a fixed place. Meanwhile, the others are moveable.

In general, the positions of these traps are unpredictable. You need to stay alert at all times while running on the track. As soon as you see the obstacles, you need to plan your move quickly to avoid colliding with these dangers. Try your best to reach the finish line safely to complete the level. This game has many levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. Can you beat all levels and become the champion in the running race? If you want to participate in more running races, you try Glove Power.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to control the mermaid.

Some effective strategies to win Mermaid Tail Rush

Do not go through the guillotines

The guillotines on the track are really dangerous. If the knife of the guillotine touches your tail, your tail will be shortened. Because the moving speed of the knife is really fast, it is not wise to wait for the knife of the guillotine to move up in order to go through the guillotine. Instead, you should move left or right to dodge these obstacles. This is the best way which assists you in getting to the finish line safely.

Stop collecting the tails when the progress bar is full

At the top of the screen, you can see the progress bar. It will be fulfilled if you collect the tails. When the progress bar is full, it means that you are qualified to move to the next level. At this time, you should stop collecting the tails and focus on evading the obstacles on the track. Some tails are placed in front of the obstacles, but they are just baits. If you try to collect them, you can crash into the obstacles easily.