About Mermaid Tail Rush

Surely everyone has heard of the myth of mermaids. Do you think mermaids really exist and what is the most magical thing about this mermaid? It must have been her tail. Come to Mermaid Tail Rush to see what a mermaid with a long tail looks like!

Your quest in Mermaid Tail Rush

Join the game Mermaid Tail Rush, you will transform into a beautiful mermaid with blonde hair and a tail that attracts all eyes. Your goal in this addictive game is to collect as many tails as possible on the way to make your tail longer. However, only tails of the same color as your tail can help make your tail longer, if not the same color they just change color and not lengthen. You need to collect as much as possible before completing the level before you can move on to another level. When you are too bored with this game, maybe you should try to join the race track of Glove Power. You will help your glove collect power-ups to avoid extremely dangerous obstacles and reach the finish line safely.

Some notes for you when participating in Mermaid Tail Rush

As mentioned above, your task is to make the mermaid's tail longer and longer by collecting tails of the same color. Therefore, make sure that when you want to collect tails of different colors, the number of those tails must be more than one. Otherwise, it will only confuse you further. In addition, when your tail is quite long, you need to move more carefully, the obstacles are very dangerous and moveable, they can cut your tail. If you let that happen, all your efforts will be in vain. They can even cause you to fail the level.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.