About Meow Meow Life

If you are looking for an entertaining game and kill time in your spare time, Meow Meow Life will be a good choice. This is a cat game in which the cute cat you raise can react to the actions you interact with it.

Raise your own cute cat in Meow Meow Life

In Meow Meow Life, you will adopt an extremely adorable cat. After being officially adopted by you, this cute cat needs to be well taken care of by its owner. Surely it will be very happy if you spend time playing with it, and feeding it on time, your care will help the cat grow up day by day through the levels in the game. In particular, the action of taking care of you the little cat is also your task in the game, and you can earn more coins to buy utensils and food for the cat. If you love such fun and adorable games, visit and experience Mermaid Tail Rush. This is a game on the theme of a mermaid in the legend, helping her have a long and beautiful fishtail.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

Some features make Meow Meow Life interesting

In addition to interesting functions such as bathing cats, and feeding cats, Meow Meow Life also includes many other attractive features. Of these, visiting a friend's cat is a good example. As a cat, catching mice will probably be very interesting, and in Meow Meow Life your cat can do the same. Moreover, each time you catch a mouse, you will receive coins. Besides, mini-games can both help you earn more coins and entertain you with other interesting games. In addition, the cat also needs to have its own aesthetic, do not forget to decorate the cat's rooms.