About Love Tester

Love Tester is an online game that assesses your compatibility with your crush. Simply enter your name and the name of your crush (you can also set the gender).

It's time to use Love Tester to determine whether those butterflies in your stomach are telling the truth about your significant other. Although we often worry whether we will always be with our significant other or crush, love is a powerful emotion. You can check to see if you've been hit by one of Eros' arrows in this game.

Love is in the air, but before you inhale deeply, make sure you and the special someone are compatible. This game's objective is clear-cut. All you need to do is test your love for the person in your head. You'll see two boxes and a heart-shaped button at the start of the game. Write your name first in the box on the left side of the screen, then your love interest's name in the box on the right. When you're ready to see the outcomes, press the button. At the top of the screen is the love meter. It will establish whether the two names are compatible. You'll receive a hint at the bottom of the screen based on your score. You can also check the compatibility between your friend and their crush. Enjoy your time! If you are looking for a new game way to relax, Bob The Robbers 4 France will be suitable for you to help you relax.

How to Play

  • Forget about emotions, finding true love is a math exercise. You can find out if you were truly meant to be together by entering your name first, followed by the name of your crush. The love equation is accurate.
  • Three additional people may be included in the analysis. Check out your compatibility and let your friends know the results!