About Bob The Robbers 4 France

This is the next installment in the Bob The Robbers game series. In this new version, the character Bob will go to France to continue his search for fortune. Can you help him find and collect the loot without getting caught?

How to overcome challenges in Bob The Robbers 4 France

Starting the game, you will find yourself in a house, where there are a lot of guards, security cameras, and many difficulties such as locked doors. Move skillfully so as not to be detected by cameras or landlords, at the same time, you need to search everywhere in the house for valuable assets such as money. If you have ever played Mystery Venue Hidden Object, you will see that both these games are different in form, but have similar missions when they both require players to find objects. And they all make you feel nervous when participating in the game.

Attractive features of Bob The Robbers 4 France

The game has a lot of levels with different difficulties. Each level corresponds to a building that you can see on the map. Try to complete the challenge of these levels as quickly as possible. In addition, you can buy devices for yourself with the money you earn. You can buy new costumes or stolen devices to make your journey easier, just like you can buy keys to open doors. The costumes are also equipped with features that make it easier for you to steal such as increased movement speed, or upgraded unlocking skills. In addition, there are many other attractive pieces of equipment, but you need to collect enough money to unlock them. There are many unique buildings in France, explore the map for interesting experiences with Bob The Robbers 4 France.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.