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Battle in KnifeBlades.io

Welcome to the battle between the most special knives. Buy the best knife you can and join the battle with various opponents. Before they become stronger and defeat you, find ways to strengthen yourself.

Your goal in KnifeBlades.io

You better beware of these dangerous knives. KnifeBlades.io is a multiplayer game, and your goal when it comes to this game is to win every battle you participate in. So how can you be the only survivor in this survival war? First of all, collect as many knives as possible, they will appear all over the map. You can attack another opponent when the number of knives you collect is more than theirs, when destroyed all of the opponent's knives will drop, collect them all and you will get stronger quickly fast. If you are a fan of survival games, Devil Cry is also not a bad choice. You can become a swordsman, go to the ring and destroy all evil enemies. There will be a lot of power-ups to help you attack successfully.

How to control

  • Click and hold the left mouse button to collect weapons
  • Release to switch to a defensive position

Upgrade your power in the game

In this game, it is not difficult to earn coins, you can earn coins in many ways. You can collect coins from your weapon, the higher the weapon level, the more coins you earn. However, the fastest way to earn coins is probably to join the battle and complete the quest. After finishing each battle, you will receive a large number of coins. So what will those coins be used for? You can use them to upgrade weapons, buy the same knives and then combine them and create a knife with greater power, the shape is more special and they will help you a lot in the game. fierce battles. In addition, you can also buy face skins. There are many interesting avatars, unlock them and experience the game more attractive.