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Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night


Become the most powerful shark in Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night

Start your hunt in Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night! Under the ocean there are much small fish and other sharks, you will destroy them all to become the last shark that survives there.

Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night's Underwater War

In this game, you need to complete the task of controlling your shark to participate in the fight with many other players. Meanwhile, in the ocean, there are also small fishes and divers. Attack and eat them to size up your shark. After you are big and strong enough, your hunt will start to turn to other big sharks. Glide through and attack them, and your body grows even stronger until the whole ocean is left with only you, you are the winner. However, the seabed also has many dangers such as bombs and bullets, they can cause you to lose blood and be stunned, and when your body is big, you will not be able to get through the small crevices. Don't let those things become a threat to you and an advantage for your opponent when attacking you.

How to control

  • Use the mouse to control the shark
  • Click the left mouse to increase the speed

Outstanding features of Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night's Undersea War

After each battle, the higher you rank, the more coins you receive. Use the coins you earn to make changes in the skin shop. There are many beautiful and useful items for you here. You can open quite a few sharks with more terrible power, helping you become the hegemony in the ocean. In addition, this game also has an interesting leaderboard. Not only are they divided by the highest scores of the day, week, and all time, but the Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night's Underwater rankings also select the best players by region and worldwide. This is your chance to put your name on the list of the best gamers. However, after experiencing this fascinating game for a while, if you want to change it up a bit, come to the horror game Trollface Quest: Horror 2. In this game, you will witness scary images of sensationalism.