About Trollface Quest: Horror 2

Welcome to Trollface Quest: Horror 2 in which you will play different characters and have thrilling experiences.

Unlike 1v1.LOL, this is a horror game with dozens of scary images. This is a game for brave people. Outstanding things will constantly appear in the game. So, stay in your bedroom, dorm, or any room and enjoy the surprises that the game brings to you. You will experience what you see in horror movies and even real-life situations.

Features of Trollface Quest: Horror 2

  • Find hints
  • Scare other characters
  • Impressive gameplay


Because it is a horror game and contains sensational images, this movie is suitable for adults. This will be an ideal choice for horror lovers. Because you don't know what will happen next, it will give you an unexpected feeling.

This is not a game for kids or the faint of heart

Play and test your bravery.

How to play

In the game, you will be playing the role of different characters. There will be unexpected things happening in their life and you are the one who will experience them.

When you play the role of the character, you have to immerse yourself in the character to help them overcome the challenge. In the game, there will be characters that scare you. You have to be brave and scare them back to pass the level. Characters can make you scared such as ghosts, killers, and even a cactus. You have three chances to scare them back. If you can not scare them, you have failed. You will have to play again and again to scare them off before you can pass the level. When you pass a level, it means another surprise has opened.

To be able to pass the rounds you can also use hints.

How to control: Tap to find the hint