About Happy Snakes

The gaming community was once crazy with Happy Snakes hunting game. We now have an improved, more colorful version of the predatory snake. Are you ready to join this addictive game?

Your quest in Happy Snakes

In the game , you will control a lovely snake to participate in the game with many other snakes. This is the arena where snakes compete for bright stars all over the map. The more you collect, the bigger your snake will be, and the game's ranking will be calculated based on the size and weight of the snakes. In Happy Snakes, you cannot directly kill your opponent even if your snake is bigger. But you can catch them by sizing up your snake, then move all over the place for the opponent to hit you, then they will be eliminated. Remember, you can trap them, and so can they. If you are bored with this game, you can play Glove Power. Collect power-ups and complete every challenge in Power-ups.

How to control

  • Use the mouse to control game Happy Snakes
  • Press and hold the left mouse to speed up

Some outstanding features of the game

The difference between Happy Snakes and other similar games is that it allows gamers to choose the size of the map. With a total of 3 different types of playrooms including Small, Medium, and Large. So you can choose an appropriate area, to start your fun. In addition, this Snakes game has a lot of skins for you to choose from without having to spend any entrance fee. As long as you like it, any skin in the game can be yours. In particular, you can control your snake to move around every corner of the map, and speed up in emergencies when running away from enemies or surrounding anyone to prevent them from escaping your encirclement.