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Mystery Venue Hidden Object


About Mystery Venue Hidden Object

Welcome to Mystery Venue Hidden Object, a game that helps you improve your concentration. In this game, you will have to find hidden objects in a deserted town.

It is similar to Trollface Quest: Horror 2 and this game will make you feel thrilled and excited. You will come and explore an abandoned town. At the same time, you will have to find the designated objects which are hidden in the town. There are many mysteries in this town. As previous explorers said: there is no turning back once you get in.

You have to keep your eyes wide open and highly concentrate to find hidden objects. In case, you got too stressed out in the process of finding the objects. The game also creates a mini-game for you to relax. During the game, you can still get scores.

Features of Mystery Venue Hidden Object

  • Discover deserted town
  • Find the object
  • Join an attractive arcade game

Play Mystery Venue Hidden Object with different modes

At different levels, the way the objects are presented will be different. At low levels, the game will show you 3 items to find. The order of finding the objects is optional. When you find one, another will immediately appear. You get to see all the features of the object. So, finding these items is pretty easy.

In the medium game level, you will also be provided with 3 items to find. However, you can only see the shape of the object but not the features of the object.

At higher levels, you can only see one item to find. That means you can't choose what you're looking for. Once you find it, you can find something else.

Sometimes, there are objects that are too hard to find. You can use the hint in the left corner of the screen. Hints will fill up over time

There are many mysteries in the town, come and explore!

How to control: tap to find the object