The running game related to the slope game is extremely familiar to players. This kind of game is always designed with a simple design and gameplay but is surprisingly effective. Falling Ball is one of the most outstanding games in the kind of running game that you shouldn't miss. Let's discover more about it.

Your goal in Falling Ball

In the game, the ball will automatically roll forward on a track in the air. Your task is to control it to the left, or to the right so that the ball will not roll off the track. Your computer mouse or the left and right arrow keys will assist you to navigate the direction of this ball. The farther you go on the track, you will see many inclined boards. These boards will help you to increase your ball's speed, and quickly reach the finish line. However, you need to pay attention to the ball every second in order to help the ball can land safely. If you cannot react in time, the ball will fall down the air. As a result, you have to stop the game here.

In addition, there will appear valuable diamonds on this fascinating track. You should collect them because they can help you get attractive items. So are you ready to enter and emerge yourself in this crazy running? If you feel this game is quite a challenge for you, let's start with Tunnel Rush Mania and come back later. Go to the tunnel track of this game and try to avoid collision with the obstacles.

Impressive features of Falling Ball

  • As soon as you access this game, you will receive an interesting gift, which is diamonds. With the accumulation of diamonds you collect on the track, you can use them to buy beautiful skins for your ball. As a result, your ball will be more attractive.
  • There is an interesting section in the game where you can also spin the wheel of fortune to receive gifts. The gifts are random when it may be a new skin or a golden king. Therefore, it can depend on your luck.
  • This running game offers two game modes including normal mode and endless mode. In normal mode, you have to pass levels with different difficulties. In endless mode, you will participate in endless racing and try to control the ball rolling as far as possible.