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Tunnel Rush Mania


About Tunnel Rush Mania

Do you like speed and experience an exciting race track? If yes, Tunnel Rush Mania will be a perfect choice for you. Join the game with many attractive modes now!

Joining the racing tracks in Tunnel Rush Mania

Joining Tunnel Rush Mania, you will run in a tunnel with rugged terrain. Tilt left or right to avoid dangerous obstacles. Moreover, these obstacles are not the same, they can be far apart or right next to each other to make it difficult for you. As soon as you touch them, you will immediately die and have to play again. Note that, Tunnel Rush Mania has a lot of levels, and the higher the level, the more difficult the difficulty increases and so does the speed. By the way, if you're interested in a horror game, Siren Apocalyptic probably won't let you down. In this game, the villain is a scary monster, and your mission is to hunt down and destroy it.

How to control

Use the WASD or arrow keys to control.

Some modes in Tunnel Rush Mania

In addition to having many modes with different difficulties, the game modes of Tunnel Rush Mania are also very diverse. You can choose to play easy, hard, or normal. If you are just starting to play this game, you should choose the easy mode to get used to, once you have mastered it, you can play harder to challenge yourself. When playing in classic mode, you will experience many different levels. On the other hand, in 2-player mode, the task of the players will be to run as far as possible, until someone hits an obstacle, the other person will be the winner. If you want to have relaxing moments with friends or family, you can choose this game mode. This is also one of the highlights of Tunnel Rush Mania.