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Fireblob Winter


About Fireblob Winter

Fireblob Winter is a 2D pixelated platform game in which you play as a fire blob attempting to reach the campfire. This game was made by NoaDev.

In the platform-puzzle game FireBlob Winter, you control a tiny fireball as it flies toward and ignites a wood fire. You can also use the ball's heat properties to melt the ice or level objects to assist the fireball in achieving her goal. Although some skill is required to complete the game's objective, the game's bright graphics, retro-style sounds, and soothing music make it a relaxing experience.

The FireBlob Winter sequel has more levels and information. stunning visuals, fresh puzzles, run mode, and a final boss fight! You play the platform-puzzle game FireBlob Winter by controlling a tiny fireball to get to and burn firewood. To finish your mission, either use some level objects or the heat from the ball to melt the ice. Inspired by some NES-style games, these games feature vibrant graphics, vintage-sounding music, and relaxing music. Even so, some skill is needed to achieve the game's goal. Also, if you love the survival game genre you can play JustFall.LOL and start the races and find the last survivor.

How to controls

  • Arrow keys to move
  • Jump using H, up Arrow, or space bar
  • Controls for Other Browsers
  • A, D, or arrow keys to move
  • H, W, up arrow, or Space to jump