Survival in JustFall.LOL

This is a survival-oriented game, and players participate in JustFall.LOL will transform into a lovely penguin. Then join the battle to find the last survivor.

Compete with other competitors in JustFall.LOL

This is a Battle Royale game, players will be connected with many other online players around the world. Your task in JustFall.LOL is to try to complete all challenges, and overcome obstacles so that even if the opponents are eliminated in turn, you will be the last person to survive on that survival map. In addition, you can take advantage of good opportunities to eliminate anyone from this thrilling battle. Remember, opponents can beat you any time the way you eliminate them, so you should never look down on your opponent. If you've ever participated in competitions in Fall Guys, you'll find that there are similarities between the two games in terms of gameplay. Therefore, when you are bored with JustFall.LOL, come to Fall Guys, you will not need to spend too much time working with this game. Although there are no cute penguin characters, the player characters in this game also have an equally funny appearance.

How to control

  • Move: WASD or arrow keys
  • Jump: Spacebar
  • Dive: Shift or Right mouse button

The unique features of the game

In the game JustFall.LOL, players can customize their penguins to stand out from other players. You can change their colors easily and it is recommended to do so so that you can easily distinguish your character from other players when there are too many penguins in the same match. In addition, JustFall.LOL also has a variety of game modes. In addition to the basic game mode, JustFall.LOL game also offers many other unique options. For example, Parkour mode, where players will have to jump continuously through the puzzle pieces, Just Jump mode or Just Block ... Each mode will bring a unique style that is extremely interesting for players to discover. Players never find this game boring.