About Electron Dash

Electron Dash is an addictive running game to pass the time. This is really a great game worth experiencing. Join now and enjoy the fast-paced racing.

You will take on the role of an astronaut who is traveling the endless path in space in this game. There are many risks and difficulties on these roads. Controlling this astronaut is your job, you have to get through every obstacle and earn the highest score you can. After playing this game with tricky roads, Duck Life is a wonderful way to have new adventures.

How to play

  • The AD keys or the left and right arrow keys can be used to move in this game when playing for the first time. Additionally, you must assist your character in jumping by pressing the W key, the up arrow key, or the space bar. All of these control keys are fundamental keys. You will be very familiar with these keys if you enjoy playing online games. It won't be difficult for a new player to pick up how to play this fun game.
  • Move your character through an endless tunnel. You are free to move around the tunnel's edges. In order to avoid running into obstacles or falling into space, you can also jump in this tunnel. The game will end if you go into space.