About Duck Life

Duck Life is the first game in the Duck Life series of games. Your farm was devastated by a big storm. Train the duck to become a professional athlete in every race.

You used to own a massive farm and earn a lot of money every year. Unfortunately, a tornado came along one day and destroyed everything. The only thing that remains is a single duck egg. Why not train your duckling to be a racing duck in order to make money and repair your farm?

During the race, your duck requires a lot of energy as an athlete. As a result, you must purchase the necessary seeds in the shop before the race. The blue seed, often known as a skill seed, is ten coins in price. It not only gives you more energy, but it also improves your talents. In addition, the ordinary seed is offered for general feeding. This seed is inexpensive and provides energy.

How to control

  • To jump over or dive down, use the "UP OR DOWN ARROW KEYS".
  • To leap, use the left mouse button.
  • To adjust the flying direction, drag the mouse across the screen.
  • Use arrows to move left or right.