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Draw Bridges


Are you looking for a simple game but interesting to entertain? The Draw Bridges game will be the perfect simple but interesting game that you are finding. In the game, you have to try to build bridges to bring the ball to the destination.

About Draw Bridges

Context of the game

There are no more gunfights such as Shell Shockers anymore. At the game Draw Bridges, everything becomes easier than ever. A ball is finding its way to the goal. However, this is not easy because there are so many broken roads. So that, the ball can not move to the Goal. You need to draw bridges connecting the broken roads together. Thus, the ball can continue to move to the destination. If the ball can reach the destination, it means that you complete the duty of the game and you will get a reward. Are you ready to make smart bridges and direct the ball to the goal in the shortest time? Have a great time!

Simple stages to play Draw Bridges

Stage 1: When the ball rolls near the broken positions, use your computer mouse to draw a bridge. Every time you put the mouse to draw a bridge, the ball will slow down until you complete the bridge. The ball will continue to roll forward. Take note that you have to draw the bridge correctly. Because if there is a crack in the road, The ball will roll down and you will fail.

Stage 2: If you draw a failing bridge and the ball cannot continue to roll. You can click the left mouse button two times continuously to delete this bridge. After that, let's draw a new one.

Stage 3: When your ball can reach the end of the road or the goal in another way, some reward boxes appear. The last step you have to do is to draw the last bridge connecting the ball to the box. When the ball touches the reward boxes, it will be yours.

Some challenges Draw Bridges

  • The road in the game is designed to be a narrow one. Although the ball will automatically move in a straight line, it's easy to fall down the air if you cannot be able to draw a balance bridge.
  • This is a simple game, but can also give you many challenges. The roads break in different places. A road segment is at a higher elevation while another is at a low elevation. Therefore, it is extremely easy to draw a failed bridge. As a result, your ball gets stuck and cannot move. Although you can conduct to make a new bridge, you have to spend a lot of time.
  • There are some obstacles in the broken roads. For example, beer cans can slow the speed of your balls. Rotating propellers can break your ball into many pieces in a second. Overcoming and avoiding these barriers is an extremely difficult thing. However, by playing again and again, I am sure that you can overcome them easily.