About Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers is the most popular egg-based multiplayer first-person shooter game in the world! On the multiplayer map, you have to compete with online shooter eggs.

This game is a multiplayer 3D egg-shooter game. You compete against other online shooter eggs in the game. Shell Shockers includes three game styles and over 40 maps. Furthermore, you may now completely customize your egg by adding colors, caps, stamps, and payloads. Join the fight with an Eggk-47, RPEGG, or Crackshot. Remember to use the power-up by clicking the chicken nugget at the bottom, and shatter the other eggs in battle! You may also view your KDR in Shell Shockers (Kill Death Ratio). Your KDR should be as high as possible. Because it implies that you kill more than you perish. If you enjoy competition, compare your KDR to that of your friends and ensure that your KDR is the highest. Besides that, you can try the Bitlife game to experience new games with unique gameplay and controls.

Game modes

The group

The game is divided into two teams, the blue team and the red team. Collaborate with your team to eliminate the enemy team members. You can transfer teams only if the opposing team has fewer players. The match is won by the squad with the most kills!

Free for all

All of the players are at odds with one another. When you notice an egg, you don't have to think about it; simply shoot at it. The person with the most kills at the end of the game wins the match.

Captula the Spatula

This game mode is comparable to the well-known 'capture the flag mode. Take your opponent's spoon and put it back in your own. This style is similarly based on groups. Pick up the spoon after death to recover or continue the journey of a fallen ally!


There are seven main weapons to choose from: the EggK-47 (Assault Rifle), the Scrambler (Pistol), the Freedom Ranger (Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle), the RPEGG (Rocket Launcher), the Whipper (SMG), the Crackshot (Sniper Action Sniper Rifle), the spark), and the Tri-Hard (3-Shot Assault Rifle Ammo). Your backup weapon will be a handgun. Spend your eggs on camels and weapon customization.

How to control

  • WASD is used to move around. Keep moving the cursor around to spot adversaries.
  • Shoot your foes with the left mouse button and aim with LShift.
  • To leap, press the SPACEBAR.
  • Toss with Q. Grenades
  • Reload your weapon by pressing R.
  • To switch weapons, press E.