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Doodle Jump


It's time to enter the Doodle Jump game to experience one of the most thrilling jumping games. You will help your Doodler jump higher and higher in the game.

Information about Doodle Jump

The gameplay

Doodle Jump has extremely simple gameplay. Specifically, when you first enter the game, you will encounter an image of a Doodler jumping on a blue background. To play instantly, you need to click the play button on the screen. There are many pedestals divided into 3 types: green pedestal, brown pedestal and green pedestal with power assist. Your aim is to navigate your Doodler jumping from platform to platform to get higher and higher. Besides, there is one thing you must pay attention to. If your Doodler jumps on the brown platform or broken platform in another way, your character will fall down. It means that you end the game here. If you find this game interesting, why don't you check out other more exciting games such as Fall Guys, Bonk.io, and Drift Max Pro?

How to play

Besides the interesting and simple gameplay, how to control the character is also very simple. Players use their arrow keys to direct their character to jump left or right. This is the way you play when using a computer. In the case you play this game on a phone, touching the screen will be conducted to play.

Some hints for players

  • Don't jump into the broken platform because your character will fall down and you lose the game.
  • You can get a higher jump if you jump into the platform with a booster.
  • The game has no limited time to play. Therefore, after falling down, you can completely play the game again and again to find out your best score.