Cute Tiger Cub Care is a game for animal lovers to show their love, in which injured tigers in the forest await your healing. Help these poor tigers!

The tiger is one of the most unpredictable and active animals on the planet, and the color blue stands for impermanence, water for mobility. As a result, those who enjoy movement, don't fear change, and lead active lives will be riding the horse. The Water Tiger, according to Chinese astrology, is a powerful advocate of concentration and diligence. Let's lend a helping hand to the adorable tiger cub that serves as this year's mascot. He needs to be healed and prepared for the upcoming busy year. To please his fans all year long, choose adorable clothing and accessories for the tiger cub!

There are three main times when our little tiger needs your help. Health comes first! For the baby tiger to enjoy its time with you, it must be healthy. Therefore, start by providing the necessary care. You'll have it eventually enjoy a healthy self-care routine. Cut its toenails, give it a bath, and make it shiny and clean. The sweetest part might be the end. Our little tiger will be dressed up, and you can enjoy seeing it happy and healthy! Remember to take a picture of it and use a fantastic calendar with the little tiger grinning at you on the side! If you love animal games, Duck Life will be the next perfect choice for you.


  • You can use your mouse to choose options.