About the game

If you're looking for an engaging game that doesn't take long to get used to, you should try Crowd City. This is a game designed in 3D, wide viewing angle makes it easier for players to observe and control the game.

Make the biggest crowd possible in Crowd City

Set in a city with high-rise buildings, you will play a stickman character whose color is different from the rest. Your task is to move around the city to find people on your side. The white stickman will be the object for you to collect, as long as you touch someone, that person will become your side. Whoever creates the bigger crowd will be the winner. However, you can control your mob to destroy other mobs. If they have fewer people, you can beat them and make their numbers yours. And conversely, if their crowd gets bigger, they can swallow you whole. Also, if you are bored with this game or want to join another race, Moto X3M: Pool Party where you will control your car at a water park.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to control.

What does Crowd City have to attract players?

The game is quite simple and how to play. The game will not take too much of your time to let you discover the rules yourself. You can see the number of people by looking at their outgoing crowd or the leaderboard in the upper corner of the screen, which shows the names of the three people with the largest crowds and the number of people in their crowd. This is how you can self-regulate. After the end of the game screen, the player will receive stars depending on the rating of each player. The number of stars you get after playing the game will help you rank up. Leveling up will help you get more troops when you first enter the game. So try to earn as many stars as possible to rank up as soon as possible! Besides, complete in-game challenges to unlock new characters!