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Crayz Monster Taxi Halloween


About Crazy Monster Taxi Halloween

During Halloween, there is one thing that is an indispensable symbol, which is the pumpkin. In this fascinating game, your task is to collect as many pumpkins as possible. Are you ready to join Crazy Monster Taxi Halloween to collect pumpkins?

What you need to do in Crazy Monster Taxi Halloween

This exciting game is set on a Halloween night in the city. Your means of transportation when participating in Crazy Monster Taxi Halloween is a car. Drive your car to explore the city while overcoming obstacles and collect as many pumpkins as you can. You should remember, there are many challenges in this game, especially the slopes, which can cause your car to overturn. Therefore, drive carefully, if your car overturns you will not be able to continue and the game will be over. It's also driving, but if you want to drive in a more competitive environment, Car Eats Car: Volcanic Adventure won't let you down. Join this addictive game, fight enemies, and drive out of the volcano.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to control.

Some outstanding characteristics of Crazy Monster Taxi Halloween

There are so many levels in Crayz Monster Taxi Halloween. However, the higher the level, the more difficult the challenge is to complete. But if you are a good racer then it will not be difficult at all. Come and crack all the levels. In addition, you can also change your car. There are many types of cars with beautiful designs for you to choose from, pick your favorite car. Using the pumpkins you collect, accumulate enough required pumpkins to exchange for your favorite car. Surely those cars will help you a lot. Crayz Monster Taxi Halloween will definitely be a suitable game for you to entertain and relieve stress, so don't hesitate to join now.