About Canoniac Launcher Xmas

Canoniac Launcher Xmas is a great game, control the robot to fly as far as possible. Your mission is to beat Santa and earn a lot of money to buy things.

If you're craving some action and looking for a game to pass the time, you've just discovered your new favorite! To earn more points and in-game currency, launch your own ragdoll robot as far as you can! Create an ideal cannon for launching your mister robot. Upgrade it so that it looks cooler and is more powerful. If you also love games with the objective of collecting items, then come to Bridal Race 3D game to help the bride collect items to be able to find the groom of her life.

Utilize cannons, weapons, upgrades, and bombs to propel yourself as far as possible. Earn money to buy new equipment. In this fantastic game, you must launch the robot and get it to fly as far as possible. Your mission is to hit Santa. It will not be easy, so you will need to work to earn money to buy a variety of useful items.

Features of the game

  • The full version of the game is free!
  • Perfect 2D setting with fantastic Christmas sounds!
  • Christmas spirit within!
  • Lots of Upgrades in a Post-Apocalyptic World.

How to play

Aim with your mouse. To turn it on, hold down the left mouse button. Allow it to catch fire. To shoot Jimmy, use your mouse.