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Bridal Race 3D


It's claimed that the bridal dress is the most beautiful dress in the world. It is not only beautiful but also owns a great meaning because the girls just swear it only one time in their whole life. Are you ready to take part in Bridal Race 3D to prepare a perfect bridal dress and become the most beautiful bride?

About Bridal Race 3D

What is Bridal Race 3D?

It can be said that this game is a thrilling race with an interesting bridal theme. In this game, you will join the race with many other players. The common goal is to collect bridal items and quickly become the first to go to the ceremony with the groom.

What you need to do in the game

In order to have a perfect wedding ceremony, your computer mouse is the main control. You slide it to navigate the bride to collect the necessary items for a bridal dress. So what does the bridal item include? Along the way of Bridal Race 3D, there are many wedding dresses, flowers, high heels, chiffon tops, etc. Your heroine will need to collect these items on demand and get to the finish line quickly. In addition, on the track will also appear many diamonds, try to collect as many as possible.

In short, avoiding obstacles, collecting the necessary things for a perfect bride, and being the first one to reach the destination like in the Glove Power game are all the tasks you have to remember. What are you waiting for without starting this 3D racing game right away?

Features of Bridal Race 3D

Multiple levels

This game includes many different levels with the difficulty of the game will increase gradually. This is reflected in the fact that obstacles such as a chair, or a pillar will appear more, and the distance to the groom will also be longer. Of course, you need to win the previous levels to unlock the next level.

Opponents in the game

At a normal wedding, there are just one bride and one groom. However, this game is totally different when you and many other girls have to compete to be the only bride of the groom. Other players are your opponents and they can take the lead and knock you out at any time. Therefore, plan a smart strategy to defeat all opponents and be the most beautiful bride.

Unblock the greater things

You can collect diamonds on the track or spin the lucky wheel of Bridal Race 3D. You can then use the diamonds you have to unlock beautiful outfits or hairstyles. Of course, you will be better with these new outfits.

Some hints for you to play

  • The first hint for you is that you need to choose the most important items and then choose others. For example, a bridal dress is the first collecting recommended thing because you can not find one when you are about the end of the track.
  • After collecting the items, quickly reach the finish line, you can use the jump from above this bridge to below the bridge which is closer to the groom. But be careful, don't fall into the water, or you will lose.