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Bottle Flip


About Bottle Flip

The balancing water bottle toss challenge once took the world by storm. In the game, the player will have to toss the water bottle that is standing still so that when it lands it still stands in the same position.

Your mission in Bottle Flip

In this game, you will choose for yourself a water bottle, then you need to throw it so that the bottle rotates in the air but eventually stays steady on the contact plane. If successful, you will receive a score. In addition to storing water or recycling other useful objects, empty plastic bottles have become a game that people flock to challenge themselves. Bottle Flip will be a game that helps you practice patience, agility, control strength, and develop coordination. When you are bored with this game, if you are looking for an interesting racing game, Moto X3M Winter will definitely not disappoint you. This is a game that allows you to ride your cool moto on an ice and snow track. Meanwhile, do not forget to dodge dangerous obstacles.

How to control

Use the mouse to swipe the screen to flip the bottle.

Some interesting things in Bottle Flip

In Bottle Flip, there are many interesting levels, and spectacular flips will certainly never let you get bored. Besides, you have the right to choose the number of bottle skins you want, they are completely free. However, for some other bottles that are more beautiful and impressive, you need to spend some coins to be able to unlock and use them. Therefore, you need to perform excellently then get coins and unlock these skin bottles. You may find it easy to throw a water bottle, but it's not. Visit Bottle Flip and experience this fun game to see how many points you can get up to!