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Balls Race


About Balls Race

This is an exciting race where you join many other players. Each person in the game Balls Race will control a ball and try to be the first to finish.

Your mission in Balls Race

In this exciting game, you will control your ball starting from the starting line, and running towards the finish line. In the game there will be many obstacles waiting for you, do not let these traps affect your race results. As soon as you collide with these dangerous obstacles, the game will immediately end and you will have to start from the beginning. Also, speed up to get ahead and stay ahead of your opponents. If you wanted to take part in another race, would the Olympics interest you? Coming to Hurfles Heroes, you will become a professional athlete, representing your country in running in the Olympics. Try to get to the finish line first and unlock interesting maps.

How to control

Click the mouse to control.

The features

On the dramatic track of Balls Race, you will sometimes be the last to run, but you can completely turn the tide. Along the way, there will be speeding boards, by controlling your ball to move into this area, you can help the ball suddenly accelerate and catch up with your opponent, even pass them. Sometimes there will be boards to help you jump up. However, at such times, you also need to be more careful to control the ball without hitting obstacles. Besides, don't forget to collect coins to unlock skins for balls. In the Balls Race skin shop, there are many amazing and lovely skins, dog, cat, pig, watermelon, etc. In addition, you can also use coins to unlock the racetrack to have a really interesting experience with this addictive game.