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Balls Avoid


About Balls Avoid

If you are looking for a simple game, suitable for entertainment during stressful times, visit Balls Avoid. This is a game where you need to control the ball to collect balls of the same color and avoid balls of different colors.

Your mission in Balls Avoid

In this game, there will be a lot of balls falling from above, including balls of the same color and different colors as yours. However, you only own one ball and you need to control it so that falling balls of different colors will not be able to touch your ball. Once that happens, you lose and the game is over. While collecting balls of the same color is a necessary and important thing in Balls Avoid. If you are bored with this game, try playing Mermaid Tail Rush, a game with slightly different requirements than Balls Avoid. In Mermaid Tail Rush, you need to collect tails of the same color as the mermaid's tail to help her have the longest tail possible. In addition, unlike Balls Avoid, in this game, if you collect tails of different colors, you will not lose your life and the mermaid character will only change the color of the tail, and the game will end when the fairies stab into obstacles or not collect enough fishtails.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to control.

Some notes for you when play game

This addictive game does not include different levels, but the longer you stay in the game, the difficulty of the levels will also increase. That's why you need to be very careful and focused when conquering Balls Avoid. There is a trick for you that is, you can completely hide your ball to avoid the attack of different balls, instead, when there are balls of the same color, you can reappear and collect them. In particular, the color of the game even the color of the ball can be changed when the journey bar on the game's screen runs out. This is a challenge for you when the color changes, you need to change the target to complete the mission. And this is also an interesting point that helps players not feel bored when playing a game with outstanding graphics.