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Zombs Royale


Zombs Royale is a survival game in which you can't trust anybody. To begin, parachute into the combat. Concentrate on competing for resources and fighting foes.

Game Modes
Battle Royale is the common framework that connects the four primary game variants. In Zombie Royale, 100 players are dropped onto a zombie-infested MMO battlefield that steadily closes in on them as time passes.

The four game modes are:

Solo - one-man army
Duos - two players
Squads - four-player teams
Limited time - game modes that change every few days

Weapons and Health
There will be a variety of weapons and supplies for you to use across the area. Once you open a chest, all you have to do is walk over the treasure to pick it up. Weapons, potions, and ammo are among the loot.

Weapon rarities range from common to uncommon to legendary. Players will come for you if you have mythological