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Zombie Tsunami Online


About Zombie Tsunami Online

This game is not horror like The House of Evil Granny game. By participating in Zombie Tsunami Online, you will fight the wave of zombies. You will build up a huge zombie wave and destroy everything in their path.

Zombie Tsunami Online is the reign of zombies. In this game, zombies have invaded the world. They eat people and turn people into zombies like them. They can destroy anything if they are strong enough. You are the leader of the zombie army. Eat people's lives and build up a strong zombie army to destroy everything.

Features of the Zombie Tsunami Online

  • An addictive game
  • Eat people's lives
  • Build up the zombie army
  • The graphics and sound effects of Zombie Tsunami Online

The game also has eye-catching graphics. You can experience the journey of hunting people in many different contexts. There are scenes such as a crowded city, dreamy beach, or dark forest. In addition, the game also has lively sound effects. The game has simulated the sounds of cars, helicopters, and even human voices. All of these things have brought a great experience when playing the game.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

Build up a strong zombie army

This is an addictive game that can make you spend hours playing the game. By eating people's lives, you build a strong army of Zombies and destroy everything. When you are the only zombie on the map, you can eat humans to get more zombies. When you have 4 zombies you can destroy the car. Similarly, when you have 7 zombies you can destroy the bus. You can even destroy tanks and planes if you have enough zombies.

However, zombies are not invincible they can be killed by bombs on the way. Every time you hit a bomb, a zombie will die. In addition, you need to control your zombie army very carefully because they can be killed by falling into the cliff.