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Zombie Shooter Deluxe


About Zombie Shooter Deluxe

Entertain the new game on our website, Zombie Shooter Deluxe. This game is designed to celebrate Halloween. Coming to this game, you will see the appearance of strange characters. They are zombies with scary and bloody appearances. You can see aliens with bloody slash marks on them. You can also see dogs with sharp teeth. You can also see humans with long, pointed fingernails. Horrible images always appear on the playing screen. It will remind you of the upcoming Halloween holiday.

Thanks to playing this arcade game, you can relax and relieve stress. After hours of hard work, you can give yourself some time to relax. You can play the Cookie Clicker City game for more entertaining moments. Besides, this game has a simple gameplay and easy controls to make it easy for players to join the game. You can access this game easily on our website anytime and anywhere.

Modes and Gameplay


There are 3 modes in this game: easy, medium, and hard. The difficulty of these modes will increase gradually from easy to difficult. If you are a new player, you should start from easy mode. The first few levels are easy to pass. However, the following levels will change. You will face many challenges.


Your mission is to shoot down all the zombies on the playing screen in a limited time. However, it is not easy to achieve this goal. The zombies can move. Therefore, you can hardly shoot them. Aim carefully and kill zombies with shots. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the humans in this shooting game. Humans will also appear. If you hit a human, you lose a life. You have 5 times to respawn.

How to control: Tap or click on zombies to eliminate them.