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Zombie Derbies 3D


About Zombie Derbies 3D

Have a frightening experience with the game Zombie Derbies 3D, where you will be a driver who trying to escape the attack of zombies and kill them.

It is completely different from the gameplay of Cookie Clicker City. Zombie Derbies 3D will give you a horror experience. Playing this entertaining game, you will play as an amateur driver who is fighting zombies. The zombies are very crowded and aggressive. You need to act quickly. You must kill them before they attack your car and swallow you.

Features of Zombie Derbies 3D

  • Control the car
  • Kill the zombie wave
  • Survival honor game
  • Play Zombie Derbies 3D and pass 15 waves
  • The game has all 15 levels. The levels will open depending on the player's ability. This means that when you have to kill all the zombies in the previous level, the next level will open.

You and a bunch of zombies will be in a square yard. The game will give you a car. The zombies will be around you and want to attack you. You need to control the car to crash the zombies. Don't let the zombies approach and destroy your car. when your car is destroyed you will no longer have a place to hide. Then you will become the food of the zombies. The zombies move quite slowly, but be careful. As long as you ignore them, they can come close and destroy your car.

How to control

Use the key and the arrow on the keyboard to control the car.

  • Press the up arrow to move forward
  • Press the down arrow to move backward
  • Press the right arrow to move right
  • Press the left arrow to move left
  • Press G to slow time
  • Press F to use the nitro
  • Ué space bar to use the handbrake
  • Press L to turn on/off the headlight