About ZBall 4 Halloween

ZBall 4 Halloween is a Halloween-themed casual game. In the game, the witch is riding her broom up the cliff to collect Halloween decorations.

Keep the witch from falling off the cliff! zBall 4 A fun casual game with a Halloween theme is called Halloween. To gather Halloween-related stuff from the cliff, the witch is riding her broom. You can click to assist her in changing course so she won't fall. The more you gather, the more benefits you'll receive once the level is completed. You can purchase Halloween treats with incentives as well. How many points are there to earn? Ride your broom, please. Clicking the turn button will keep the witch on the path. To get more points and purchase your preferred candy, try to travel further.

How to play:

Your sole goal in this exhilarating game is to survive. You need to guide the witch to her destination without letting her fall into the abyss (which would restart the game). On this thrilling journey, a square panel road can be seen. Your main character is enjoying life as a witch. The charming automobile will only obey your commands. Get the witch away from danger and stop her from falling into the pit. You can rotate the screen by clicking the mouse. Those who go past the panels will perish. One of our hand-selected suggestions for a good time around Halloween is ZBall 4 Halloween.


  • To switch directions, either tap or click.