About World Cup Fever

World Cup Fever is a fun sports game with a lot of different teams. Just have three characters at your party and play this fun 2D game on your device.

In World Cup Fever, hold your breath and get ready for a thrilling match! You can now experience the excitement of football fans' favorite time of the year firsthand! You must play the ball with the utmost care in this football game. Despite how much fun the game is, winning matches requires serious gameplay. Set your team by selecting the players, then get ready to rule the stadium. You can choose your team or have the computer assign you one at random. To move the players, click left and then drag the mouse. The ball will move in the direction you dragged the player once they make contact with it. To win the game in the allotted time, try to score a goal and keep your own goalpost safe at all times!


  • Vivid 2D graphics
  • Several options for countries
  • A full-on competition

How to Controls: Swipe the character in the desired direction.