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Where Is The Water


About Where Is The Water

Where Is The Water is a game about an adorable crocodile living underground, your task is to pave the path for water to flow into the crocodile's house.

Unlike Freaky Monster Rush, Where Is The water use your creative mind to create the most perfect water pipe to help the adorable little crocodile get water. You open a pipe to bring water to the crocodile's house and in this process, you also need to collect stars. The little crocodile drinks enough water and you have passed the level.

Features of Where is the water

  • Pave the path
  • Collect the star
  • Help crocodiles get water

The level of the game

The game is divided into many levels from easy to difficult. When you pass a level, a new challenge is unlocked. At low levels, you just need to pave a path that can both bring water to the crocodile and collect stars. At higher levels, more difficult obstacles will be updated. It can be lava, you have to be careful not to let the lava mix into the water pipe. If the lava gets into the water, the crocodile will be burned and you will lose. Even though it's a simple game, sometimes it takes you hours to pass a level. So you have to think more and be patient more to be able to pass.

The gameplay

This game uses cute and eye-catching graphics along with simple gameplay that is very suitable for kids. This game helps them develop their brains, train logical thinking, and solve problems by solving hard levels. Moreover, this game also helps them relieve stress after stressful school hours.

You can easily play this game on your desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

Challenge your brain with Where Is The Water.

How to control: Use a mouse or your finger to create a water pipe.