About Vex 5

Welcome back to the Vex game series which is a hot game series from the release date. Especially, you now are welcome to a new version of this hit game series called Vex 5. Let's find out what this new version has to offer.

Your mission in Vex 5

Similar to previous Vex titles, your ultimate objective is to overcome all the challenges and explore all areas in this new version. In specific, you need to go from platform to platform and avoid deadly obstacles like hacksaws, spikes, etc. Besides, you have an ability of a spiderman that you can stick on the walls. This ability can help you climb on high terrains.

To overcome the challenge of this game, you must not let yourself be knocked down by other obstacles. There is one thing you have to remember there will be symbolic flags for the checkpoints. You have to control the stickman to run to that flag area so that it turns from red to green to save your progress. Therefore, even if you are defeated by challenges, you can restart the game at these flag points. Continue your journey and conquer the maps. After completing all the missions, a new great journey in G-Switch 3 is waiting for you.

How to control

In order to complete your mission, you first have to know how to control your stickman. Your stickman will be moved by using the AD or left/right arrow. Besides, you should use the W or up arrow to jump. Finally, the S key or down arrow will assist you to crouch.

Vex 5's game modes

This exciting adventure game includes two game modes: standard levels and challenge rooms:

  • In the standard levels mode, you will need to pass 10 levels with increasing difficulty. Through each level, the maze will be more complex, and more traps require you to move around more and more skillfully.
  • In the challenge rooms mode, there are up to 30 levels that are timed. Your duty is to complete all 30 levels.

Interesting features of the game

  • Vex 5 is the newest version of the Vex game series until now. Therefore, you have a chance to experience new experiences with more challenges.
  • Vex 5 gives you a leaderboard. You can receive attractive gifts when you complete a game well. Let's play and collect as many trophies and stars.
  • Although the game offers one player feature, you can find help from your friends if you meet difficulties.