About Vex 4

Vex 4 is a fun stickman platform game in which you must leap, climb, slide, and swim your way through 9 hard acts while avoiding traps and obstacles.

Get ready to be frustrated by Vex 4's difficult platform levels! Prepare to race at the fastest possible speeds, leap over dangerous ravines, avoid lethal traps, and climb to the top for the fourth time! As you leap over the numerous barriers and claim your victory, let the adrenaline govern your body and your actions. Put on your jogging shoes and flex those muscles! After participating in the challenges in the Vex 4 game, you can experience the simple and entertaining gameplay with the Bitlife game. Join this game to enjoy great entertainment moments after a day of hard work.

Features of Vex 4

  • Interesting physics and attractive gameplay
  • Great art animations and graphics
  • The range of deadly obstacles
  • Various trophies for you to conquer

How to control

  • Arrow Keys (or WASD) to move
  • Up (or W) to jump
  • Down (or S) to crouch/enter an act
  • Reach the flags to activate checkpoints

The 4th version of the Vex game series

This game is at last here as the fourth installment of the massively popular series! You can expect action-packed gameplay with challenging levels that include tough traps. Your goal is to finish each level (referred to as an act) in the Vex world, similar to previous games in the series. There are a total of 9 acts in Vex 4, and each one has tricky obstacles to navigate. Every turn leads to danger.

The Vex world occasionally has constricting passageways. To stoop down, crawl, or slide through those tight spaces, press the S key or the down arrow key on your keyboard. The S key or the down arrow key must also be used to enter the acts. When you are on top of the entryway, press down. You can use your mouse to look around the current position of your character. When the next platform or trap is above you or below you and is not clearly visible on your screen, this is quite helpful. By successfully completing the various obstacles indicated at the bottom of the screen, you can unlock the Hard Mode version of each act. Continue to sprint and prove to them that you are unstoppable!