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Ultimate Flying Car


Explore realistic driving simulation game

Explore new roads in the simulation city in the Ultimate Flying Car motorcycle game. Practice your driving skills and unlock many modern and unique supercars. Own the most stylish and luxurious supercars of all time. Embark on a thrilling adventure with many exciting driving modes, driving your car around the open world with unlimited races.

This realistic driving simulation game is developed by developer RHM Interactive. You will perform long-distance races in the city with various vehicles. Discover extremely unique and beautiful supercars. You can also unlock more new models in the shop by participating in races and completing assigned missions. In addition, you can also play in many different modes such as playing alone for practice or playing in two-player mode to challenge your friends and your skills. Here you will own popular and extremely famous cars that are loved by many people. Test your driving skills now to enjoy thrilling driving adventures.

How to control in Ultimate Flying Car

Player 1:

  • Use "WASD" to move the car
  • Shift: nitro
  • "T": to look back
  • "R": to fix the driving position
  • Space: to brake

Player 2:

  • Use the arrows to move the car
  • M: nitro
  • "L" to look back
  • "U" to fix the driving position
  • "K" to brake

Game Modes in Ultimate Flying Car

Free Ride

This is a very long open map and you can get lost in this vast expanse. You can also hang out at the amusement park and use the cannons to shoot other cars.


In this mode, there will be 15 levels with many different maps. Complete the first maps well to continue to lock more interesting mysterious maps. Try to always be the first to finish.