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Trollface Quest: Horror 3


About Trollface Quest: Horror 3

Trollface Quest: Horror 3 is the third instalment of Trollface Quest: Horror, a puzzle-based point-and-click game in which you must conquer the trolling levels!

Welcome to TrollFace Quest, a Halloween-themed story!

The third installment of this acclaimed puzzle series brings back the terrifying, mind-bending point-and-click problems from the Troll Face Quest: Horror game. Get ready for the wackiest, kookiest, and creepiest excursions of your life! There is just one correct response, and getting it will require you to gamble everything.

These amusing features will keep you awake at night

Horrors: Relive some of your favorite famous horror movies, series, and games' most horrifying scenes!

Experiments: Be dazzled by the most daring pranks as you attempt to answer each bizarre problem.

Play: No need for Wi-Fi or data! Play Troll Face Quest: Horror 3 whenever and wherever you want!

Advance: Climb the scoreboard to become the most well-known troll in the game.

Collect: Unlock amazing achievements!

In this outrageous point-and-click game, you'll embark on thrilling adventures and solve challenging puzzles. Troll Face Quest: Horror 3 is more than just a puzzle game: it's a genre-bending mix of comedy, horror, and adventure! Are you brave enough to face the horrors of this amusing point-and-click puzzle? Take on the challenge


  • To interact, use the left mouse button.