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Tiny Jelly


About Tiny Jelly

In Tiny Jelly, you will need to connect the same jelly together, the more you connect, the higher your score. You can connect in different directions. You have the flexibility to connect jellies vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. The primary rule to remember is to connect jellies of the same color. The jellies come in three colors: orange, blue, and red. So, let's link them together based on their colors.


To control the game, you can slide your mouse across the game board to connect jellies and make moves.

How to play Tiny Jelly

The objective of you

As you connect jellies, they are removed, and new jellies are added to the game board. The objective is to meet the requirements set for each level in order to finish connecting and progress in the game. The requirements for each level can vary, such as achieving a certain number of points or matching a specific type of jelly. To successfully finish connecting, you need to aim for the goal set at the beginning of the level and fulfill the given requirements.

Creating Awesome Combos

Forming a connection in Tiny Jelly only requires three jellies to be connected. However, creating larger connections or combos by connecting more jellies at once can yield higher scores and additional benefits. These combos can help you destroy entire rows of jelly, providing an advantage in the game.