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Time Shooter 2


Get ready to take part in Time Shooter 2 to enjoy a great first-person shooter game. In the game, you try to win by shooting and destroying all the enemies.

Information about Time Shooter 2

If you are a shooting game lover, Time Shooter 2 of the GoGoMan Developer might be suitable for you. As I mentioned earlier, your goal is to eliminate all your opponents who are trying to kill you with their weapons. So how you can defeat all of them? When you start this survival game, you will see that you are standing in front of the weapon area. Let's use your mouse to pick up a weapon you like to conduct attacks. While you are attacking your enemies, they also throw their weapons to your side. Therefore, you need to be careful to move and avoid their attacks.

How to control your game character

  • Move using the WASD or arrow keys.
  • Left-click to fire or pick up a weapon.
  • R (right-click) = throw weapon.

Developer and released date

The Time Shooter 2 game is developed by GoGoMan in March 2022. Since its launch, this game is welcomed by a huge number of players. On September 26, 2022, the developer of this game updated it for more great features in graphics, sound effects, etc. In addition, Web Browser is the place where people play it.

Some notes for players

  • There are a lot of weapons including bombs, rifles, pistols, etc in the game. However, each gun has limited bullets. Therefore, when the bullets of a gun run out, you have to control your game character and come back to the original position to take another weapon. During the comeback time, look around to locate your enemies and avoid their attacks.
  • When you don't move, the time will stop and your opponents also don't move. Therefore, you can use this advantage to aim and shoot them. After that, move around the map to eliminate every enemy.