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Tiger Simulator 3D


What do you think when you will live with the tiger's appearance? Maybe you cannot imagine the images of that. Let's come to the Tiger Simulator 3D game which is a good entertaining game to learn more about Tiger behavior and habitat in a fun way. You will experience life like a tiger.

About Tiger Simulator 3D

What is Tiger Simulator 3D?

Tiger Simulator 3D is a simulation game that allows players to experience life as a tiger. The game is set in a realistic 3D environment and players can explore various environments such as jungle, savannah, and forest while completing various tasks such as hunting for food, and growing and protecting the family. Besides, your tiger can also take part in organized entertaining activities in the living area.

Two stages in tiger life

As a single tiger

When you are a single tiger, your main goal is to discover your living area. You take control of your tiger to move around, find food, or take part in some competition between animals. You can do everything you want. For example, you can participate in a crazy battle with other animals in the forest or make friends.

As a tiger with his family

At a certain time, you feel that you need a family. Let's move to the "make family" area to get a partner and have yourself a tiger family. Your tiger partner will follow you and you take the responsibility of finding food and other work. Of course, your mate will assist you to complete those tasks. Keep in mind that you are a tiger that has your mate, so you have to think carefully before you do anything to keep your family safe.

How to control

Players can control the tiger's movements and actions using the keyboard and mouse. In specific, you can use the WASD keys to move the tiger around, the spacebar to jump, and the mouse to control the camera and look around.

Some notes for you when playing Tiger Simulator 3D

  • In the game, players can interact with other animals such as deer, wild pigs, and even other tigers. They also have to take care of their health, hunger, and thirst levels by hunting for food and drinking water.
  • Other animals in the game also can attack you such as crocodiles or leopards, so you need to be careful and fight against them if it is necessary.
  • There is a small map on the right corner of the screen. This allows you to know the position of every animal in your living area.
  • An HP bar allows you to know your tiger's health status and others. In particular, you will have a smart choice when you know your status. If your HP is too low, you need to find food to recover. Or if you are in a battle, you can continue to fight or run away based on the HP.
  • Players can also upgrade their tiger's strength, speed, and health by earning experience points and leveling up.