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The Visitor


Discover new planet

In The Visitor, you play as an alien parasite. You enter the earth and eat the flesh of living creatures to grow up. Join the game and rule the entire planet. This is a horror adventure game developed by Zeebarf and released in October 2007. The game offers beautiful graphics and gives players new experiences. An orb has hit the earth, causing some extraterrestrial parasites to accidentally infiltrate the human planet. You are the alien parasite. You look like a tiny newborn worm. Your mission is to conquer this earth.

Note: This is a horror game with bloody elements that you should be more cautious when playing if you are faint of heart.

Conquer the Earth

  • You parasitize small animals such as insects or animals and kill the insect from deep inside its body. Eat a lot of meat to become strong and rule the earth. Become an evil parasite and eat all living creatures on earth with the most ruthlessness.
  • Click all the elements on your screen to find and solve the puzzles of each level. And now let's start the journey to explore this exciting new planet.

How to control

Use Your Mouse to join the game