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The House of Evil Granny

About The House of Evil Granny

The House of Evil Granny is a horror game that tests your ability to avoid death and torture. To exit this nightmare, you have to find a key and open the door.

Find out if you have what it takes to avoid death and torture in the free horror game The House of Evil Granny online. To escape this horror, all you have to do is locate a key and get to the front door. The eerie assassin can be fought off with a hammer as well, but she won't be stopped for too long.

You discover that you are awakening in a room. Granny, a crazy old woman who uses a bloody baseball bat to hunt her prey, has locked you up in a dilapidated home. While avoiding her pursuit, explore and gather objects and tools to open the several locks Granny puts on her front door. You must locate a hammer, which is also a weapon that can knock Granny out for 15 seconds, a battery, and the main door key in order to complete your task to unlock the front door.


  • WASD moves you, Mouse attacks you, F interacts with things, Shift runs you, and Space jumps you.