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The Final Earth 2


About The Final Earth 2

The Final Earth 2 is a sci-fi city-building game of your own accord.. Build and research your way to a brighter future! Grow the city of your own creation now!


The Earth is a desolate wasteland in the year 2142. Thank goodness you created a spacecraft to travel to a different planet. A tiny place that will house you permanently. You don't have much to work with when you first start, but as you build more farms and homes and meet your citizens' needs, your society develops. You can travel to other tiny worlds in your spaceship to advance your space colony once you've developed new technologies and built a happy society on your beloved space rock.


  • To play, use the mouse. Ctrl+Click close to a citizen to follow them!


  • In Final Earth 2, there are more than fifty buildings to discover. Any city-building nerd's dreams can come true by building enormous vertical cityscapes with thousands of inhabitants. All this while being a quick and easy-to-access free browser game.
  • Similar to other city-building games, your populace has a variety of requirements to be content. Their requirements become more complex as your civilization develops, just like in many other city simulation games. These requirements can be met with new construction and effective workforce administration.
  • Depending on the resources you most urgently require, the workforce can be distributed. Just tip the scales if the stone is more crucial; the same goes for other resources. Using the research.