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The Backrooms


Noteworthy information about The Backrooms

The principles

Play The Backrooms and try to escape from the maze within a limited time. Go around to find hints and complete different tasks to leave the maze early.

Imagine that one day you get stuck in a nightmare. In this nightmare, you are in a large room. This room is super large and has nothing except for high walls. The structure of this room is like a maze. What will you do? Of course, you must find a way to escape from this room. It may be a challenge for you but try your best. Go around the maze and try to find the exit door. Note that the allotted time is more than 4 minutes. If you cannot leave the maze before the time is over, you will be assassinated by an unidentified creature and drowned in the nightmare forever. Therefore, you need to be quick. Attempt to remember the features of the way you go through to avoid passing it one more time. Your objective is to figure out the wall where the nearby light flashes constantly. If you can reach that wall, a meter will be presented. The riddle of this meter moves from left to right constantly. When it reaches the heart in the middle of the meter, you must click the left mouse button to stop it. At this time, you can escape from the nightmare successfully.

How to control

  • Press the WASD keys to move.
  • Hold the W+Shift keys to run.
  • Use the mouse to control the camera.

Impressive features of The Backrooms

All game modes

At the start of the game, you are required to select between three game modes. They are Classic Mode, Deaf Mode, and Free Mode. Each game mode has a distinct feature.

  • Classic Mode: In this mode, you need to find the exit door within more than 4 minutes. When the time runs out, the unidentified creature will appear and kill you. While wandering around the maze, you can hear some noises. Follow these noises to find the exit. It is possible to say that this mode is easy to play. Therefore, it is suitable for beginners who are starting to discover this game.
  • Deaf Mode: If you want to figure out the exit in this mode, you need to follow the special way. Your eyes will turn colorful when you look toward it. In addition, in this mode, the unidentified creatures will appear randomly. Therefore, you need to stay alert at all times. As soon as you see them, you must run as fast as possible to escape from them. The allotted time in this mode is more than 10 minutes. However, it will decrease if you choose harder levels.
  • Free Mode: This mode has no time limit. Therefore, you do not need to be quick. Additionally, in this mode, you will not encounter unidentified creatures.

All levels

After choosing one of the game modes, you need to choose between four levels. They are Easy, Medium, Hard, and Backrooms. If you are just playing this game for the first time, I recommend you start with an Easy level first. In this level, the unidentified creatures will not emerge until the time is over. After that, you can challenge yourself with more difficult levels such as Medium and Hard levels. If you want something more thrilling, you can choose the Backrooms level. Play this game now and let's see how long you spend getting out of the maze. This game brings a few horror elements like Five Nights At Freddy's 2, so it will certainly bring you the feeling of fear and excitement.