About The Backrooms

The Backrooms is a horror game, you get lost in a maze of empty rooms. The game is based on the CreepyPasta lore and ends in a strange space full of empty doors

There will be no clipping place that will cause you to fall into the backrooms, which are a location beneath the world. There are numerous entities in this place. You must possess endurance if you want to return at all.

How to play:

Your protagonist discovers himself in an unfamiliar setting. You start to look around, but it seems like this building is just a never-ending maze of haphazard rooms and hallways. This building appears to have been abandoned for a long time; it is dilapidated and stale. But you ought to create something and locate a way out. And it will be a real challenge, as you will soon discover. Investigating your immediate surroundings is the first thing to do. Even though the building initially appears to be completely empty, this is not the case. You will occasionally come across odd, useless objects that are scattered about. Do not disregard them because they are dispersed throughout for a reason. These objects might provide a hint to many of the tasks you need to solve as you proceed. Take extra care when handling any notes you find. Who is the author? It appears that someone else was having trouble doing the same thing as you here. So perhaps they left some advice for you to avoid making the same errors? To find out more, carefully read them. The sounds make you uncomfortable by adding to the overall gloomy atmosphere. And what is that strange noise coming from in the distance? Can someone else please come here? In that case, the creature does not appear to be your ally. As you continue to explore the property, it is difficult to determine whether some mysterious events actually occur or if they are just in your head.