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Teacher Simulator


Become a good teacher

In Teacher Simulator, you will play as a teacher who specializes in supervising students' exams. You will mark tests for cheating or plagiarism. Maybe you've been a student and you understand ways of cheating from every student's perspective. Now you will need to perform acts of integrity as a teacher. This is a pretty good game that gives players positive reviews during test hours.

Responsibilities of a Supervisor

Classroom Management: Take command of a virtual classroom and master various aspects of effective classroom management. From handling student behavior to lesson planning and grading, navigate daily challenges while fostering a positive learning environment.

Interact with Students: Engage with a diverse array of virtual students, each with their unique personalities and individual needs. Address their inquiries, assist them with assignments, and cultivate a supportive and inclusive atmosphere.

Customize Your Teacher: Unleash your creativity by personalizing your virtual teacher's appearance. Customize outfits and accessories to create a character that reflects your style and personality.

Teaching Strategies: Employ a wide range of effective teaching strategies to keep your students engaged and motivated. Utilize diverse teaching methods, educational resources, and classroom activities that cater to different learning styles.

Career Progression: Ascend through the ranks of your teaching career by earning rewards, unlocking new features, and embracing more challenging assignments. Become an exemplary educator, continually advancing your professional journey.